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12th May 2011
28th May 2011.
The L&CPU results for their annuals competition were announced tonight and I am delighted to have received two Certificates of Merit, for my entries,' The Wood Nymph, Daphne' and 'The Death of Ophelia'. Another image, Glencoe was retained for the folio as a mono print and will be touring the region for the next twelve months.

16th May 2011.
Results arrived from Golden Spurs in Belgium, my latest entry into a salon.I had two acceptances, which now puts me on 26 out of the 30 acceptances I need to apply for my AFIAP award. It also adds another country to my list so I have 4 out of the 5 I need, and makes my salons now 8 out of the 10 I need.
Another two successful salons and I will be able to apply for the award when they next meet, currently next March.

12th May 2011.
Decided that I should add a blog post about my activities to the site. Not only to keep me coming to the website more often but also to keep track of where I am up to with my current projects when I look back on them.
This Blog will be updated whenever any news arrives of my exhibition entries and awards, (and disappointments too), as well as any of the (infrequent of late), outings I make with camera in tow.
Thanks for reading and call back soon,